Signs of Persistent Depression

Many of us aren’t aware of the term Persistent Depression. However, it is something that most of us might be going on a daily basis. Persistent depression is also known as mild depression that can cause mild or less severe tension headaches. While mild depression can be managed without much hassle, it happens to stay with a person throughout the day. Many of us often neglect persistent depression as it doesn’t have much visible impact. Howver, any type of depression whether mild, severe, or moderate can cause a lot of harm to the one suffering from it.

In this article, we have discussed some of the common signs of persistent depression

Feeling Moody

One of the most common signs of suffering from persistent depression is experiencing mood swings. If you are suffering from mild depression, you are likely to get irritated easily and most of the time negative thoughts keep floating in your mind. You might appear gloomy or upset to the people surrounding you.

Lack of Motivation

You no longer experience the zeal in you to work towards your goal. You feel the lack of motivation within you for doing any work. Also, if you are suffering from mild depression then you might struggle to focus on your day-to-day activities, studies, or work. You can also feel lethargic which can, in turn, harm your productivity level of a day.

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Trouble in sleeping

If you have even a slight inkling of suffering from persistent depression, then keep a constant check on your sleep patterns. People suffering from depression face trouble in sleeping as something or the other is always going through their minds. If you are having problems falling asleep even after a hectic day at work or you are staying awake for the whole night, then this is a red flag for you and it’s better to see a medical professional.

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