Signs of Secure Attachment in Adults

Having secure attachment generally means that the individual has high self-esteem, has an ability to share feelings with other people and can commit to a healthy and committed relationship. If you believe that you have the characteristics of securely attached individuals, read this article to confirm your doubts.

You recognize your worth

One of the key characteristics of being a securely attached individual is that you know your worth and don’t let anybody demean you. It is extremely important to learn the concept of self-love and know your value and worth. Self-respect is everything and nobody should comprise with or let other people.

You don’t avoid conflict

You are no longer afraid of expressing your views and opinions freely and have absolutely no issues in involving in a conflict with any person involved.  You understand that each individual is entitled to their own opinion and thoughts and different views can co-exist. Thus, you no longer are afraid of speaking your mind in the fear of upsetting somebody.

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You respect boundaries

You understand the concept of setting boundaries and know how to respect the boundaries set by others too. You have grown to understand that every person has their endpoint after which they won’t tolerate nuisance from any person involved. Also, it is important to set limits in every relationship so that the other person knows and that they can’t get away with anything and everything.

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