Signs of Self-Neglect

Self-love is the most important thing a person should practice to lead a happy and peaceful life. We often talk about the things we should do to achieve self-love. However, in this article, we discuss the signs that tell us that we are practicing self-neglect.

A long list of tasks

A person practicing self-neglect generally has a long list of a to-do list. They take up so many tasks in their hand and always try to keep themselves busy in doing one or the other thing. People generally term it as an excuse for running from self-care and neglecting their own needs and feelings.

Saying yes to everything

People with a self-neglect tendency find it extremely hard to say no to anybody. They say to almost anything and everything. Despite facing problems in their own lives, such people are ready to lend their shoulders to other human beings. This is a wrong thought process as your own feelings and emotions should come before anyone else. You should make it a point to say yes to someone only after checking your schedule and bandwidth.

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Setting unrealistic goals

All of us have dreams and goals for both our personal and professional life. Not meeting the expectations can make us feel low and unworthy. Thus, we always try out best to fulfill our dreams. However, for our aims to be complete, we need to set realistic goals. It is a stupidity to set unrealistic standards. It will just lower your confidence and will give birth to the feeling of self-loathing.

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