Signs of Toxic People

Almost all of us have been given the advice of staying away from toxic people. The toxic people can easily play with our mental peace and sanity. They can give us scars for a lifetime. However, the question here is how to identify that a particular person is toxic for us and we need to maintain distance from him or her. In this article, we will make you aware of some common signs that are basically the personality traits of toxic human beings.

They control you by guilt-tripping

One of the biggest weapons that such kinds of people use is guilt. Guilt is a very powerful yet dangerous emotion a human being can feel. If a person is feeling guilty about something, then he or she can be coaxed into doing anything and everything. This is the weakness that toxic people use. They guilt-trip the other person and make them feel that they have done something terribly wrong. The feeling pushes the person to correct his wrongdoing and he or she ends up getting controlled by the other person.

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They are easily jealous

If you are in a relationship and the other person feels jealous and insecure about your success. Then its’ time for you to acknowledge the red flag and move ahead in life. Any person who is close to you, your friend, partner, cousin, or sibling shouldn’t be feeling jealous of your achievements. Instead, they should be proud of you and should motivate you to reach greater heights.

You don’t feel happy seeing them

In most cases, our sixth sense knows if the other person is healthy for our brain or not.  If you don’t feel happy seeing someone, instead you feel pressured and stressed, then you should know that they are bad news and they don’t deserve your time and energy.

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