Signs that Depict that a Person has been Mentally Abused

Though there is a lot of awareness, there are not many people who are vocal about abuse. There are people who have suffered a lot of physical and mental abuse in life, but they try to keep it under the wraps. While the scare and injuries can indicate if a person has been abused physically, it takes keen observation and patience to know if someone has been abused mentally.

Constantly apologize

A person who has suffered mental abuse will have the habit of constantly apologizing. This happens because they are terrified of being abused again. A person who has been mentally abused is always scared of small things and feels it’s better to apologize before the other person feels offended and harms them.

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Breakdown during small disagreements

It is nothing new for a mentally abused person to break down during small arguments. It is tough for such people to keep their emotions in check. They are generally terrified of keeping their point of view or arguing with others. Even if they argue, they can’t maintain their sanity for long and starts crying.

Need a lot of reassurance

People who have been mentally abused need a lot of assurance and love. They have trust issues and fail to trust someone easily. Thus, you need to deal with such people with patience. You need to make special efforts to let such a person know that you mean no harm to them and they can open up to you.

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