Signs That You’re Friends Are Ruining Your Relationship

We all need friends in our life to share our feelings, our emotions and surviving both the good and the bad times of life. It is generally said that we can’t choose our family, but we can choose friends who become like family. But at times your best friends can turn into your enemies too by crossing that line of privacy and inclusion when it comes to your relationship.

Though it is good to share some information about your relationship or spouse with your best friends, their too much involvement can hamper your relationship and your partner in a negative way. In a relationship there is place for only two people that is you and your partner not you, your partner and your friends. If you want to have a healthy relationship with your better half, see these red flags that indicate that your best friend is ruining it before it becomes too late.


  • They act as your messenger

It is good that your best friends stand up for you and support you throughout. But the same should not be the case while you’re in a relationship. You should speak for yourself while you’re communicating with your partner. You should not let your friends speak on your behalf as it will be awkward and will create problems for you in the future.

  • They are always a third wheel

Having friends time is good but while you’re on a date, it should centre just around you and your partner. If your friends are always eager to be a third wheel between the two of you then it’s time you make their ways correct.

  • They are always talking about your relationship

Having a healthy conversation about your relationship with your friends is good. But if they’re always talking about the two of you, then they are probably too much invested in it. Among the million topics to discuss, don’t let the talks centre around your partner every time.

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  • They are always bitching about your partner

We all give advice to our friends and there is nothing wrong in it. But there is a problem if your best friend is always talking negative about your partner. If they compare your partner with your ex or some other person and try to fill your ears, then it’s time to make them understand the concept of personal choices.

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