Signs You are Breaking Self-Trust

Each one of us has heard the phase. ” Honesty is the Best Policy”. Some of you might even be trying your best to inculcate the theory in your everyday life by being as truthful as you can to the people around you. However, breaking someone’s trust you loves you or is closely associated with you isn’t the worst thing you can commit in your life. The worst thing you can do is to break self-trust and betray yourself. Start catching these signs that suggest that you are breaking self-trust before it’s too late.

Putting other people’s needs ahead of yours

The first faithful and committed relationship you should have in your life is with yourself. This means that you should always prioritize yourself. You don’t become selfish if you think about your body and mental health before you make yourself available to be approached by others. What is wrong is putting other people’s needs ahead of yours. You should remember that nobody else will think so much about your life or health, it is you who have to live with your mind and body for your whole life.

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Indulging in toxic relationships

The worst way through which you can harm your physical, emotional, and mental being is by involving in a toxic relationship. Being with someone, who instead of motivating you, tries to stop your growth and leaves a bad impact on you, does no good. A toxic relationship can break you beyond repair, so much that it might take years to finally overcome the grief.

Putting in limited efforts towards achieving your goals

Each of us has some or other goals to fulfill in life. How much and how quickly we can achieve those dreams totally depends on the efforts we are putting up.  You are just betraying yourself if you aren’t putting up sufficient effort or aren’t completely committed to your aim in life.

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