Signs You are Mentally Exhausted 

With changing times, our mental health is becoming really fragile. There are so many things happening around us that sometimes it gets on our nerves that leave us exhausted mentally and physically. In broad terms, mental exhaustion can be described as a phase when our brain gets tired of all the emotions and work and temporarily loses its sanity. In this article, let’s take a look at a few signs that indicate that a person is mentally exhausted.

You are easily irritated 

You no longer hold the patience of understanding things or listening to someone calmly. You are easily irritated and angry. If you are snapping at the other people around you without any reason and don’t like talking to anybody else, then its’s time that you get alert as you might have been mentally exhausted.

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You have anxiety or panic attacks 

Having panic and anxiety attacks is one of the common signs that indicate a person’s mental health. One noteworthy point here is that there are various types of panic attacks. It isn’t necessary that while having a panic attack, you will just face breathing problems. Thus, if you have an inkling regarding you suffering from mental exhaustion, then lookout for the signs to know if you are also having panic or anxiety attacks.

You feel completely unmotivated 

You feel completely demotivated and aimless in life. Though you are very well aware of your dreams and the step you need to take to make them a reality, you feel demotivated and are unable to concentrate. It feels like there is no purpose in your life and you are just randomly thinking about things.

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