Signs You are practicing avoidance

There are certain things regarding which we don’t want to make a decision and are always looking out for the ways to avoid that particular. Read the article to find out the signs that depict you are practicing avoidance.

Always having a busy schedule

You are most probably trying to ignore things if you always have a busy schedule. Being busy for a certain period of time is normal as there are times when we actually have a lot to do and can’t find time for ourselves. However, this shouldn’t be the case all the time as you will always manage to find time for the things that you feel are important and worthy. So, the next time when you feel that you aren’t able to do something in life due to your busy schedule, understand that you aren’t keen on doing that particular activity and you are trying to avoid it.

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Not spending alone time

You are most probably practicing avoidance if you don’t have any time to spend with yourself. Not spending alone time means that you are just running away from your feelings and don’t have the confidence to confront them. You just don’t want to accept how you feel or the ways your life is shaping up. Thus, to avoid the much-needed introspection, you have made yourself so busy that you can’t spare even a few minutes for yourself.

Refusing to make important decisions

One of the foremost signs of practicing ignorance is the refusal to make important decisions. There are times in life when we are standing on crossroads and we have to choose a path to move forward in life. However, to not make a choice and to keep both the options open,  we generally try to avoid making an important decision and keep on procrastinating.

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