Signs You Have a Terrible Boss

Almost every individual in the corporate sector has some complaints or grudges against their respective heads. While it seems like a culture of having a terrible boss who isn’t compassionate enough towards his/her employees, there are signs that can make you aware if you seriously have a bad boss. 

They schedule meetings when you’re out of the office

If your boss often forgets to inform you about important meetings or doesn’t acknowledge your presence, then it is a sign that your boss may be upset with you or trying to keep you from progressing. Forgetting to inform about important events once in a while is forgivable but if such instances are happening regularly, then you are in for a serious trouble.

All your assignments feel easy

Many of us believe that doing work that is in our comfortable zone is one of the best feelings in the world. You might consider yourself as lucky if you are always assigned tasks that are easy. However, this isn’t the case. Doing easy assignments will only act as a blockage in your career because you won’t be able to grow as an individual. A person can be promoted or progress only if he or she indulges in important projects that require them to push their limits.

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They swears at you

Swearing and screaming in general shows the bad character of a person. If your boss is always finding ways to scream and yell at you, then it is a clear sign that you have a horrible boss. While it is normal to get a little bit of scolding if you don’t work as per their expectations, nobody deserves to be bullied or abused at work.This shows that your boss has trouble controlling his impulses and lacks effective communication skills.

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