Signs you have ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is hogging a lot of headlines as it has emerged as a commonly found disorder in children and adults. It includes words like hyperactivity, impulsiveness, inability to sit still or control one’s behaviour, lack of focus etc. It is the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children and is more common in boys when compared to girls. However, there is still not enough awareness about ADHD and thus it can be troublesome to find out if you are diagnosed with ADHD. Thus, here are subtle signs that can tell you if you have ADHD.


You have trouble sitting through an entire conversation

If your brain moves faster than you speak and you find yourself rushing through conversations, constantly interrupting others, not letting someone finish what they are saying, it may point towards adult ADH. Also, another sign is that you feel that the ongoing conversations are not interesting enough as the other person takes too long to arrive at conclusions.

You get tired at work easily

Feeling a little tired after a long day at work is normal for adults, however, you should be concerned if you get extremely tired after work. This is because if you have ADHD, you have to work a little harder to stay focused. Doing this day after day can certainly cause extreme fatigue.

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You often leave things unfinished

With ADHD, there are chances that you can’t concentrate on things for a longer period of time, thus you tend to lose interest quickly. This can result in you leaving any tasks unfinished. If you have trouble sticking to deadlines or committing to a task, it’s better to get yourself checked for ADHD.

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