Signs You May Have Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is known as the cancer that begins in the organ lying behind the lower part of the stomach (pancreas). This type of cancer is often detected late, spreads rapidly and has a poor prognosis. Though it is really hard to identify its symptoms until the disease is in the advanced stage, there are a few subtle signs that can help you.

Pancreatic Cancer

Your skin looks yellow

It is generally observed that the skin of the people, who are suffering from pancreatic cancer, starts turning Yellow. Often, patients feel fine until one day a friend notices their eyes look yellow, then they go to the doctor and find they have advanced pancreatic cancer. Though the skin becomes yellow in Jaundice too, studies suggest that jaundice is a first sign of pancreatic cancer.

You experience abdominal or back pain

“The pain is hard to describe, but a dull, internal pain in this area, or radiating around the sides of your abdomen to the back, is a tip-off and you should get it checked out,” Dr. DiMaio stated as quoted by readers digest. The pain occurs as the cancer starts spreading to the nearby organs.

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You experience nausea or vomiting

Cancer in the stomach can result in partial blockage, which can further make it hard for the food to get through. Thus, this can cause nausea, vomiting, and pain that tends to be worse after eating. Though, just experiencing nausea or vomiting can be due to other factors also.

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