Signs You Maybe in Survival Mode

This article lets you know about the signs that signify that you are in a survival mode and need to immediately see a therapist at the earliest.


Letting go of healthy habits


You no longer find the motivation and confidence to follow good habits. Things that you used to prioritize once don’t excite you anymore. You feel lazy and drained of energy.



You find yourself snapping at even the silliest of things. You are always in a bad mood and find yourself blasting at the people around you. Further, you break down easily over everything and anything. You tend to feel more emotional and vulnerable.


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Struggling to engage


You find it difficult to converse with people or relate to them. You find yourself emotionally distant from most of your friends, relatives, and acquaintances. Lack of attention and emotional connection can result in you finding it hard to make a conversation with other people.

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