Signs Your Cat is Mad at You

Having a pet cat is a blessing in disguise as they can be the best companions in your bad or alone times. It is always fun to play with them. However, there are times when your cat may not be happy with you. Though we can’t understand their languages, there are certain behaviour changes you can observe in your pet to know if they are mad at you. Cats are the queens of mixed messages.

Here are a few ways through which you can decode if your cat is mad at you.

She watches you from afar

Instead of cuddling with you or coming to you when you’re home, your cat prefers to stay aloof and looks at you from far. There are chances that she is mad, scared or anxious. Michael Rueb, cat behavior expert and operations manager for the National Cat Protection Society says, “Angry cats will keep their distance when they get confused by, say, a sudden loud voice, quick movements or even an unfamiliar smell on your jacket.” The perfect solution to this problem is giving her space to sort out her mind. Your pet will be back to her playful mood when she’s ready.


She growls at you

It is observed that angry cats make a lot of noise including a throaty growl. Also, try to observe your car carefully as she might be giving you looks. Cats are masters of showing their emotions through their eyes. The solution to this is to start spending more time with your pet. Take her out for a walk, feed her or play with her toys. It will have a positive impact on her and she’ll be back to her happy mood.

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She avoids her favorite toys

Toys can actually be a major source of irritation for a cat. They get bored with the same toys so it’s important to mix them up. Cats need lots of stimuli because they are natural hunters and love the game of chase and capture. That has to do with their hunting instincts, which is also the reason behind why cats sleep so much.

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