Signs Your Marriage is Heading Towards Divorce

There are times when you know by your instinct that something isn’t going right in your relationship. But you aren’t able to pin-point the exact issue. In this article, let’s take a look at signs that indicate that your marriage is on rocks and you need guidance to save it.

You speak but don’t communicate

If you don’t seek comfort while communicating with your spouse, it is a danger sign. Communication doesn’t have to be meaningful day in and day out. But this doesn’t mean that you indulge in any deep talks with your partner. If your conversations are always around how are the surroundings or how to run the home, then you are heading in the wrong direction. A couple should always be able to speak about themselves with their partners without any inhibitions. No healthy communication can make you feel less affection and fondness for your partner.


You’re spending less and less time together

You don’t need to spend 24 hours with your significant other. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t spend any time together. Both the partners should be willing to spend some time with each other and enjoy themselves without any external disturbance. It’s perfectly fine to binge-watch a television show, surf the Internet on your phone, get lost in a book, work late, or socialize without your spouse. But what’s not okay is using this as an excuse to not spend time with your partner. If you feel happy and relieved when you don’t have to spend time with your partner, then your marriage is most likely heading towards a divorce.

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You’re not putting in the work to improve your marriage

For a marriage to work successfully, both the partners need to put in equal efforts and be willing to make it work. It is a two way thing. One person can’t do it alone. If you don’t want to put any effort into making it work or you are taking it for granted, you have probably lost interest in your relationship. It doesn’t mean you can’t get it back, but you have to dedicate yourself to figuring out why you’re feeling disenchanted and uninterested.

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