Signs Your Relationship is Fading

You might be in the delusion that you are in a very secure and happy relationship with your partner. There are times when without any grave mistake from any of the partners, a relationship starts losing its charm and takes a back seat. It often takes time for the partners to figure out about their relationship undergoing tough times. In this article, we have listed a few signs that help you in identifying if your relationship is also fading.


One of the most common signs of a relation going on a path of destruction is less communication. You might observe that the communication between you and your partner has almost reduced to nothing. You guys hardly talk with each other and are always trying to avoid any sort of talking. Lesser or poor communication can never help in sustaining a healthy relationship as without talking you would never know what the other person wants.

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Priorities have changed

Without your knowledge, your relation has taken a back seat in your life. It is no longer a priority in your life and both you and your partner have started taking your relationship for granted. None of you are willing to put effort to make the relation work. If you also feel that other things have taken a priority over your relation there might be a chance of your relationship losing its meaning and charm.


Whether people accept it or not but intimacy plays a bigger role in keeping a relationship healthy and happy. It is important for two people to have a happy and satisfactory sex life to live peacefully with each other. Thus, not having intimacy like before with your partner can be a sign of worry. You need to dwell on your relation if you feel that the intimacy has reduced to zero and there is no urge from both sides to get sexually involved with each other.

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