Signs You’re an Ambivert

Your personality traits reveal how you perceive the world around you and interact with other human beings. Human behaviour is broadly classified into two types- introversion and extroversion. An introvert is someone who likes to be alone and draws energy from quiet reflection. While an extrovert is someone who draws energy from being around people and is known as ‘people person’.

However, what many of you may not be aware of is that there is someone in the middle too – ambiverts. They are neither typical introverts or extroverts by nature but can lean towards extroversion or introversion depending on the situation they are in.


Signs that you may be an ambivert are

  • You are emphatic

Empathy comes naturally to an ambivert. You are able to listen and can connect with the person. Ambiverts tend to understand more deeply regarding the situations the other person is dealing with.

  • Comfortable in most environments

Ambiverts like both stimulating and non-stimulating environments. You love being in group settings as much as you love being alone. There can be times when you are an element of a group or sometimes all you carve for is some alone time at home.

  • Good sense of trust

Ambiverts are blessed with a good sense of whom to trust and when to trust. They can sense when they need to listen or be assertive and know how to adapt to the environment or person they’re with. Extroverts are the ones who can trust people easily while introverts take a lot of time to open up to other people. Thus, ambiverts are balanced ones.

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  • Good Communicator

They are good listeners and speakers. Ambiverts generally know when it’s appropriate to speak and when it’s better to listen and observe. They love engaging in deep, intimate and one-on-one conversations just as much as they love having small talks with distant acquaintances or a random stranger.

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