Signs You’re an Extrovert

Just like introverts being an extrovert has its own merits and demerits. Extroversion is a human personality in which you seek your energy from other beings rather than from inside. Extroverts or Extraverts tend to enjoy human interactions and to be enthusiastic, talkative, assertive, and gregarious. Extraverts are energized and thrive off being around other people. Though you must have an inkling about your personality , there are some traits through which you can decide if you’re an extrovert or not. 

You like Social Gatherings 

For you life is all about meeting people and building good interpersonal relationships. You enjoy being in the crowd. You take pleasure in activities that involve large social gatherings, such as parties, community activities, public demonstrations, and business or political groups. As you thrive on the energy from other human beings, without meeting your people you become bored and dull. 

You love conversations 

In simple words, you love talking. It doesn’t matter if it is a casual interaction with a random human being or a deep and philosophical conversation with your loved ones. You like to chat with people and express your emotions without any inhibitions. This means that naturally you are a good speaker and listener. 


You have leadership qualities 

As you don’t hesitate or shy away from initiating conversations with people, you make a good leader. The prime quality that a leader must have is good communication skills so that he or she can easily converse with other members and empathise with them. Though you can be apprehensive of being in charge, you tend to love your job as it helps you reach a wider range of human beings.

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You speak your mind 

Extraverts generally don’t think before talking or expressing their thoughts. They are quite vocal about their emotions and stance on various things. They are not afraid to speak your mind. Some people might even say that they lack a filter because it seems like whatever pops into their head comes out their mouth. 

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