Signs You’re an Introvert

You must have heard about the two terms; introvert and extrovert. Basically, introversion and extroversion are two types of personality types that are determined by the way people perceive the world around them. A psychologist named Carl Jung began using the terms introvert and extrovert (sometimes spelled extravert) in the 1920s. These two personality types sort people into how they get or spend their energy. Introverts, Jung said, turn to their own minds to recharge, while extroverts seek out other people for their energy needs.

Introvert is someone who seeks energy from within and is much more comfortable and happy being immersed in his own inner thoughts rather than enjoying a social setting. Let’s find out about the signs that show that you’re an introvert.


You enjoy your own company

For you the best way to spend Saturday night is being in your space while staying at home. You have no problem staying alone at home amidst your books, video games, OTT apps or any other activity that you enjoy. You feel much more relaxed, comfortable and happy in your own company.

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You’re a chat person

Though you don’t like to converse much, if you have to do it you prefer whatsapp or message over calling. You don’t like talking on the phone as while writing you get enough time to reflect on what to say and how to say. It allows you to edit your thoughts and it puts less pressure on your mind.

You don’t fancy small talks

For you small talks are nothing more than a formality and most of the time you are faking it. Instead of casual conversations, you like to dwell in deep and intense conversations that are meaningful and help to rejuvenate yourself. It’s not that introverts are afraid of making small talk, it’s just that they would rather not do it.

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