Signs You’re Overthinking

Overthinking is a very common issue among teenagers these days. It can be caused by low self-esteem, self-doubt, low confidence and anxiety issues. Occasional anxiety is a part of life. People generally worry about their career, money, health or other family and personal problems. However, thinking too much can cause harm to your mental being. It can make you feel depressed and distraught. Overthinking to a certain extent is not bad but if it is in extreme then you should immediately consult a specialist.

Here’s a lowdown on how you can make out if you are an overthinker or not.

  • Analyze

You analyze every word you hear. Whenever you are in conversation with someone, you try to find the hidden meaning in every single word that the other person says. Instead of being fully involved in the conversations, you are more focused on trying to decipher if the person is saying truth or false.

  • Less Productive

You can spend the whole day doing nothing other than thinking about something or someone. You love to think about the ways through which you can improve your skills or behavior. But you never try to implement those as you spend all of your time thinking only.


  • Trust Issues

People who overthink find it hard to trust somebody’s actions or words. You always try to find the pros and cons of someone’s actions and thus often think that they are lying or are trying to fulfill some hidden agendas.

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  • Hard to Forget

Though you forgive your loved ones for the harm they have caused you but you never forget it. It always revolves in your mind. There’s a part of you that’s holding you back from completely letting go. It’s hard for you to repair your relationships with the people who wronged you because regardless of time that passed, regardless of how many times they told you they’re sorry.

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