Signs You’re Stuck in a Fake Relationship

Relationships can be sometimes mentally and physically taxing. There are times when you don’t realize when your relationship has become a cause of worry instead of being a source of happiness. In this article, let’s discuss some signs that depict that you are living in a fake relationship.


There is just you in the relationship

A relationship requires the active involvement of two people. However, you should know that you are in a fake relationship when the other person doesn’t make any effort. You are the only one taking the relationship forward without any adjustment from the other person.


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Your relationship is hanging by a thread

You constantly live in a fear of being dumped. It feels like living on an edge as you mentally know that the end is near. It is difficult for a fake relationship to survive for long. You are constantly worried about the breakup.


 There is a communication gap

You and your partner are not very comfortable with each other. There is some awkwardness between you two that refuses to leave. You should know that it is a fake relationship if you don’t feel absolutely comfortable with your partner. You hesitate in communicating your thoughts to him.

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