Signs You’ve May Have Already Had Covid-19

The spread of the novel coronavirus has brought the entire world to a standstill. It has been reported that till now more than 27 million have been infected by this deadly virus while nearly 881K people have lost their lives. Earlier, it was reported that a person infected with Covid-19 will show symptoms like fever, cough, breathing problems and other issues. However, it was observed that some patients didn’t see any symptoms that can make them aware of contracting the virus. Also, many have gotten well on their own just by being in home quarantination for a span of 14 days. Thus, it will be no surprise if you have already had Covid-19 and have recovered from it too. 


Read the given points to find out if you have already been infected by Covid-19 

You had fever and cough 

It might be that you were down with a cough, cold and fever for a few days but your flu Test was negative so you didn’t Test for the coronavirus. There are chances that you were infected with the virus. “If you weren’t tested at the time or you were negative for other tests such as the flu that were available, it could have been COVID-19. There is so much overlap with colds or flu and coronavirus symptoms, which is why testing for COVID-19 has been so emphasized.” says Adam Spivak, MD, an infectious disease doctor at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. 

Lost sense of smell 

Losing the sense of smell or taste has emerged as one of the biggest symptoms of contracting the novel coronavirus. Studies suggest that about 64.4 percent people infected with Covid-19 reported a loss of smell and taste. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently added loss of taste and smell to the list of possible COVID-19 symptoms. “Reported loss of smell and taste appear more commonly with COVID-19 than other respiratory viruses, but other viruses and non-infectious entities like allergies can cause these same symptoms,” says Dr. Singer.

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Your loved ones were infected

There are chances that you had contracted the virus when you came in contact with your loved ones who were infected with the virus. It might be that you had mild or no symptoms due to which you had no clue regarding you getting infected with the virus. This may also be true for people who work in the healthcare system and treated people for COVID-19.

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