Signs You’ve Outgrown a Friendship

All of us want to have lifelong friends. However, there are times when that friendship gets lost somewhere and you no longer feel that bond with the other person.  It isn’t important that you or the other person are responsible for the lost bond. There can be various factors that acted to it like distance, time, bond with other people, busy schedule, and many more things. In this article, we have listed out a few signs that you have outgrown a friendship.

You only talk about memories

Both you and your friend don’t feel comfortable enough to talk about your present life. Whenever there is any conversation happening between you two, you are always talking about the past. You both have a lot of memories to cherish from the past but you don’t feel like making new memories with each other. In simple words, you feel as if you have lost that connection that the only thing that is left is memories.

You are always fighting

When you are friends with someone, it is normal to have disagreements and fights. However, what is not normal is always fighting and bickering with each other. If both of you are never on the same page and have a different point of view for everything and anything, then it’s time for you to walk away from that relationship or friendship.

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You feel mentally drained

Earlier when you used to talk with your friend, both of you shared things and were your true selves. You like conversing with the other person. however, this isn’t the case now. Now, you feel obliged to talk to them just for the sake of friendship and it no longer gives you peace or happiness. If this is the case, then part ways with your friend on a healthy note instead of getting into some uglier.

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