Simple Gmail Hacks to Find a Person’s Email

We all believe that Hacking is a terrible crime and sometimes considered as a cyber crime. But at times, using these hacks can help you save a lot of time, that is, if it’s considered legal enough. Hence, here are few Gmail hacks that could help you find anyone’s email address.

Relax! You aren’t gonna be put behind the bars if you follow these.  :p

Why should you find email addresses?

Finding Email Address of a person or a company is often a very important first step in building business relationships or getting sales lead.


Imagine, you went to a networking event last night and met a potential business partner or lead. You’re all set to send a pleasant follow-up note but realize you’ve forgotten to collect the one thing you need – “Their email address!

Sometimes, you might even want to reach out to someone you already know for user research, but want more background on them before you do.

Hence, it’s of utmost importance to find a person’s email address n order to grow your company’s valuable connections.

Why Gmail?

Well the first and best reason to use Gmail is that it’s absolutely FREE! 

Gmail has a very thorough malware and virus checking. This is also invaluable because it removes 99.9% of the risk that your computer will be infected. Not only are file attachments saved on Google’s Gmail servers, but Google constantly updates its anti-malware software to give you the most modern anti-virus protection possible.

With Gmail, when you receive and send messages, the emails are automatically grouped according to the subject line, regardless of the age of the conversation. Also, it provides 10+ GB of email storage space. It has good Up-time as well as a great spam handling technique. Basically, it’s a simple yet appealing portal for emails.

Hence, Gmail offers a one-stop portal for calendaring, file storage, photo hosting, YouTube, blogging, financial advice, and more.

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Gmail Hacks to find anyone’s email –

As mentioned earlier, to find a person’s email address is indeed a huge as well as tiresome job. But don’t worry because we found out 3 simple yet very helpful Gmail hacks. So, check out these hacks and use them wisely.

1. Power of Google and Guesswork

Start with just a simple search on the Google Search dialogue box. This might seem the first step anyone would do but you could have been unlucky to not find the email address. Sometimes luck might just be on your side and the email address would pop up right before your eyes.

The first and easiest step is to do a Web search for the person you are wishing to get in touch with. If it’s a friend, you know what they look like, but if it’s someone else, you can always find a photo of them somewhere on the Internet. And if it’s on the Internet, it’s on Google Images. So scour through the images and find out what that person looks like. This is an important step because you are going to need it to verify if it’s the right guy. Also, try to get any other information about that person, such as where he or she works, their location, and so on.

Basically, just search for their first and last name along with the word  ‘email’ and perhaps their company name. Google will find anywhere this combination appears. So, click, type and allow the Google Search Engine to do the rest of your job.

Now, with this information about that particular person, you could start off with your guess work.

For the sake of example,

Let’s say you want to find the email address of Matias Duarte. Now, you know Matias Duarte works at Google, lives in USA, and you have an idea of what he looks like if you have Googled him. And just in case it’s not a photo of him, you can even come across what he uses as a profile pic on different social networks. So take all this info and make a list of the possible different email addresses he might have, such as:

Remember to test your imagination and really make as comprehensive a list as possible.

2. Use Google+ Hangouts

Gmail’s new Hangouts feature is closely tied into Google+, using the same Gmail address for both. And you can make that work to your advantage.

First, in your Gmail, you need to change your Google Talk chat window to Hangouts if you haven’t already done that. Click the drop-down arrow for Options next to your profile pic and choose “Try The New Hangouts”. Your page will refresh and instead of GTalk, you will have Hangouts.

In the search box of Hangouts, where it says “Name, email, number” — type the email address guesses you had come up with, one by one. Every time you type a valid email address, Hangouts will show you a tick mark with a profile pic, indicating this is a proper email. With the pic, you should be able to tell whether that’s the person you want to mail or not.

An email address that shows ‘Unnamed’ and no profile pic is a dead-end you should avoid, whether there’s a tick mark or not.

Personally, I’ve used this technique several times to get in touch with people for articles or even to cold-call senior executives. It’s efficient and it has the added advantage of often getting the personal email id of whoever you are trying to reach, making it that much more likely that they will read the message.

3. Rapportive

We have spoken a lot about Rapportive but if you still haven’t heard of Rapportive, then do take the time to check it out. This service is absolutely worth adding to Gmail, even if you only set it up to check it out.

First you must install Rapportive. Now, connect your social accounts to it, and then open a new “Composewindow. Just like with the Hangouts hack, now paste the different email address guesses in the ‘To’ field.

Rapportive will scan the addresses and give you information on the people in it. You can hover or click on any id to see its info and narrow down your search to the right person — and just like that, you have their email address.

This hack is especially useful since it doesn’t restrict you to email addresses that use Gmail or Google Apps, which Hangouts does. That said, you aren’t always going to find the personal id of a person, and chances are that your email to a specific work id won’t even be checked, or could be trashed without opening.

You could also do your guesses based on the company name.
Basically, when you enter the correct email in gmail, rapportive will often populate your target’s other digital profiles. To guess the correct email you should start by plugging in popular email syntaxes followed by the company’s domain name:

first initial +last 
first name+last
last initial+first

Thus, if Rapportive populates a profile, you should know that you have guessed correctly.

Remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Hence, as mentioned earlier, use these Gmail hacks wisely without invading anyone’s privacy.

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