Sings of Losing Interest In a Relationship

Relationships nowadays are very feeble. It is easy for the couples to lose interest in each other as the months and years pass by. One of the hardest things for a person in a relationship is to identify if their partner has lost interest in them or not. In this article, we look at the signs that help you identify if your partner has lost interest in you.

Communication Gap

One of the most evident signs of losing interest is a communication gap. Your partner starts making excuses to avoid any kind of interaction with you. They don’t text or call you frequently and are always ready for excuses if you make an effort from your side.

Change in Priorities

You are no longer a priority for your partner. He or she doesn’t make an effort to mend the relationship they have with you. They have other people in their life who have now taken the top position on their priority list. They no longer show the willingness to be with you.

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Lack of time

If your partner often makes excuses when you ask them to meet or have a conversation, you should understand that it is a big red flag. A person is never busy for the people he or she loves. If they no longer spends time with you and are always finding excuses to run away from you, then it is a sign that you are no longer important to them.

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