Sings that You Over Love People

It is always good to be compassionate about other living beings and love your friends, partner, or relatives. However. what is not good is practicing over love. You should never over love people as you should be your top priority. There is a true saying that you can never love anyone else if you don’t love yourself enough. In this article, we take a look at the signs that suggest that you over love people.

You don’t set boundaries

It is always recommended to set up boundaries irrespective of the relationship you enjoy with the other person. There are certain limits that the other person shouldn’t be allowed to cross under circumstances. You should not just make boundaries but also be serious about them so that other people can also take you seriously. Not setting boundaries can result in you letting people hurt you again and again as you don’t know when to let go.

You don’t understand the difference between right and wrong

It is a good thing to have a person in your life whom you love unconditionally. Each one of us craves for someone whom we can love without any barriers or inhibitions. However, what is not okay is you become blind in that love. Your life should never revolve around them and you should have some personal space. When you over love someone, you tend to forget the difference between right and wrong.

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You forget your dreams and aspirations

One of the biggest signs of over love is forgetting your own dreams and career. You hardly pay attention to yourself and are always busy looking after them. It is not good if you are more concerned about their career and life. There is nothing wrong with helping your partner but it should not come at your cost.

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