Six styling tips for the gorgeous curvy ladies

Gone are the days when people only adored women with perfect skinny bodies. Curvy women are killing it in the fashion world.  With so many brands now coming up with plus sizes, there are plenty of options to explore and experiment and style yourself to make heads turn.

Don’t stick to one size while shopping

Different brands use different size ranges and measurements. The same size may not fit you for all the brands. Take one size up and down along with the size you think you are when trying before deciding what fits you the best.

Flaunt that belly

One mistake curvy women usually do is trying too hard to hide the belly. It can often end up giving it a weird shape and might not be comfortable to carry. Rather embrace your curves and flaunt is with style. Crop tops particularly look sexy on curvy women as they show off exactly the right amount of curves and highlights them.

Pay attention to the undergarments

Undergarments have the power to define your body and wearing the right undergarments works as a miracle. Pay special attention and invest in them carefully so that you have the right undergarments for every outfit you wear.

Accessorising with wide belts FTW

Waist belts help accentuate those curves. If you have any straight fir or loose tops or dresses, then wide belts are here to rescue. Just put on the belt with loose fit clothes to add definition to those curves and flaunt them in style.

Tailoring can help too

Don’t shy away from tailoring. Women of all sizes could use a little tailoring to give the outfit its best shape. A perfectly fit outfit can make a big difference than a slightly loose one. Find a tailor and tell him your requirements and give that dull regular fit dress a makeover.

A fit and flare dress can never go wrong

Fit and flare dresses suit everyone; all the body types. Whenever you’re in doubt, choose a fit and flare dress because you can never go wrong with it. Every woman should own at least one fit and flare dress in her wardrobe as they can be total life savers.

Pro tip: Prioritise your comfort

No matter what outfit you wear, if you’re not comfortable in it, it’ll show on your face and with your body language. You won’t look or feel confident in it. Do not wear anything just for the sake of fashion while being uncomfortable the whole time. You’ll look good if you feel good.

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