Skills to master in 2020

The demands of the employment sector is constantly changing. And the impact of lockdown on jobs post-covid-19 will definitely be huge. When unemployment is on rise and technological developments are exponential, the demand for degrees and traditional jobs will be unquestionably low.

If you are a student who’s genuinely serious about your career, you should master these skills which will have great demand in future:

1. Communication skills
In 2020, you must know how to communicate. Communicate to both express and impress is the need of the hour. By mastering communication, you don’t just get a chance to get advanced jobs, but also increase your chances of cracking interview for your desirable jobs.

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2. Learn Softwares
Computer is all over. Instead of manually recording, things are now recorded. In the present times, you must have knowledge of softwares. Some of the most popular ones are MS OFFICE, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, PREMIERE PRO and CORAL DRAW.  Also web designing and application development are yet other in-demand careers to master.

3. Content writing
Since every organisation is now online, the demand for content writing has increased like never before. Content writing includes writing articles for websites, communicating through emails, writing for Ads or press release(copywriting) and many more.

The above skills will definitely be in high demand in future. Learn these and secure your future.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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