Smart Downloads by Netflix is now released for iOS!

Everyone loves to watch while they’re on the go. Netflix realized this and launched a new feature called as Download in 2016. Later last summer, they released another interesting feature known as Smart Downloads to the Android users.

But now, the makers have launched this feature on the 7th of February, 2019, to the iOS users as well. Read on to know more details regarding this feature.

Netflix’s Smart Downloads –

The idea is that users will no longer have to go through the tedious work of managing their downloads — deleting those they’ve watched or downloading new titles, for example. Instead, the app can manage the downloads for you, so people can spend more time watching Netflix shows.

Smart downloads make sense for those who plan for intermittent connectivity — like commuters who take underground trains, for instance, or those who travel through dead spots where wireless coverage drops. It also makes sense for those on limited data plans, who are careful about not using streaming video apps unless they’re on Wi-Fi.

How to use this Smart Downloads feature –

The process is quite simple. Just follow these steps –

Netflix smart dowloads
  1. To use smart downloads on iOS, you can toggle the option in the Netflix app settings. ( It then turns itself on when you’re connected to Wi-Fi; to ensure your data plan won’t be used and your device storage won’t fill up as you watch offline.
  2. The feature will alert you when the episode in question has been downloaded.
  3. Now you can download the first two episodes of any show.
  4. Watch the first episode.
  5. Netflix will immediately download the show’s third episode and delete the first episode as you’re watching the second.

Basically, Netflix will queue up the next episode of your favorite show while simultaneously deleting the ones you’ve already watched. While you’re watching the third episode, presto, the second is deleted. And so on—as long as your device is connected to the internet, of course.

If you’d prefer not to have episodes delete automatically, click the “Downloads” icon, choose “Smart Downloads,” and turn off the option.

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Words of Netflix –

A Netflix spokesperson said the following in a statement about the launch –

“The faster our members can get to the next episode of their favorite stories, the better. Now, fans on the Netflix iOS app can get in on the fun and convenience of Smart Downloads, spending less time managing their downloads and more time watching. The feature is one more way we’re making it easier for Netflix fans to take the stories they love wherever they go.”

As Netflix puts it in their blog

The members love downloading and enjoying Netflix on the go. Whether they are commuting, traveling or just in a place with pricey or spotty internet access; the download feature makes it possible for our members to take their stories with them wherever they go.

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