Smart packing ideas to save space and travel light

Tired of packing and unpacking huge suitcases on a trip? Carrying around heavy bags with stuff you might not even use is nobody’s desire. While packing can seem like a tedious job, here are a few ideas to help you make it easy and save that space.

Tip #1: Choose and plan the outfits wisely
Deciding your outfits for all the days you spend on the trip can help you eliminate the extra load. That shirt you bought but never wore but plan on packing because you might wear it, don’t. Choose the outfits that serve the purpose of the trip but try avoiding the ones that need extra space or special care.

Tip #2: Pack by outfits and not by categories
Instead of packing all the top and bottoms together, pack the outfits that you plan to wear according to the days. This will save time during the trip and help you find your clothes easily without messing up the entire suitcase.

Tip #3: Roll instead of folding
While most of us neatly pack the folded clothes, the easiest hack to save space is to roll the clothes instead of folding them while putting them in the suitcase. You can roll up almost all of the casual wear and save the space for other clothes that can’t be rolled. It helps in optimizing the space in the suitcase.

Tip #4: Go for a soft suitcase if you’re not carrying breakables
Soft suitcases are more flexible and can have more capacity than the harder ones. These suitcase are even lighter to carry. Choosing a soft suitcase for your clothes can provide you with more space with less effort.

Tip #5: Be choosy about the footwear
Footwear can take the maximum space in the suitcase so try to pack only the ones that you really need and limit the number. Try to choose the ones that go with almost every outfit. On a vacation, you can pack those sandals that don’t take up much space and go with every outfit.

Tip #6: Pack sample sized toiletries
Instead of packing your entire bottle of shampoo or moisturizer, pack only the amount you will need on the trip. You can buy the sample size or put the required amount into small bottles and carry. This will not only save space but also help avoid any spillage in the suitcase.

Happy packing!

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