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With new updates and features so often, both Snapchat as well as Instagram are growing even as we speak. But the users are facing a great deal of confusion on which one to choose, especially regarding the ‘Stories’ feature.

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Snapchat launched its Stories in 2013. So we can say Snapchat has its originality with the idea. But Instagram launched its Stories in 2016 and not only copied Snapchat but it improvised on the idea ever since.

Both do have few similarities such as –

  • They both capture photos and videos.
  • Both allow the audience to send messages within the stories.
  • Both include emojis, filters, texts, etc.
  • Also, both allow stories to be re-watched.

But there are many differences among the two, including few levels of differences in the similarities mentioned above. And it’s in fact these differences that could let the user choose among the two.

What are the differences between Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories?

Here are few of the main differences between the two –

Audience :

Snapchat has 166 million daily users whereas Instagram has 250 million daily users until 2017. Thus clearly people are trending more towards Instagram than Snapchat.

A survey conducted by Statista, concurs the following –


Stories Layout :

Snapchat has the stories available in a vertical layout wherein if you click on a person’s bubble, the rest of the stories follow by and the previous ones can be re-watched by swiping left. Here, the priority is based on friends list and time the posted.
Instagram has the stories available in a horizontal manner at the top of your feed. Here, the priority is based on the time alone.

Photos and Videos :

Snapchat has one of the best AR camera lenses which makes user click a picture that looks very real and it also makes it very fast as well as easy to use. As for the videos, Snapchat gives a more continuous video coverage of 10 seconds in the stories.
Instagram on the other hand do produce good photos but it isn’t as fast as Snapchat. Also, the videos are a strict 10 second coverage unlike Snapchat. Hence, this makes it difficult to give out continuous video but as we mentioned in the update, Instagram might soon allow 60 minutes video which would clearly outshine Snapchat.

Marketing :

Snapchat allows marketing in between stories, for even small companies who have less than 10k followers. It does have a link to the advertising company and which can be viewed by swiping up.
In Instagram, the marketing is more widely and successfully used because it involves the views from all the existing followers. So it gives an easy marketing option to companies but it’s mostly for big companies.

Filers :

Snapchat is specifically known for filters and with Bitmoji, it sure is fun. Also, the Geofilters which is based on location tend to attract more users along with face-mapping, motion filters, slow motion, reverse, fast, voice changers, etc. For example, the FIFA 2018 has given the occasion for crazy new emojis and filters which is currently trending.
On comparison, Instagram does have filters which is better for posts than the stories. But it also has few interesting options like boomerang, Superzoom feature, Rewind, Polls, Hashtag, GIF, etc.

Disappearance and Post option :

Both Snapchat and Instagram have their stories available for 24 hours, after which they disappear. But Instagram has an option called “Highlight” which makes a particular story available for a long time and also it has an option to be uploaded as a post.

Privacy options :

Both Snapchat and Instagram have privacy option which makes only certain people to view their story. But Instagram has many more additional security features once you go to “Story Controls.”

To wrap up, you can check out this simplified list of differences –

Thus, with the ever-changing nature of both Snapchat and Instagram, along with the upcoming new competitive features, it is clearly difficult to choose among the two.
Hopefully these differences would help you choose which of the two is advantageous to you.
And if you are still not able to, well then you might as well use the best of both worlds.

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