Snapchat’s novelty comes at a cost of sentiments

Snapchat has been playing with our ‘faces’ for quite a long time now. Be it making us look identical to animals or turning us into fairies, the platform never failed to grab the attention of youth. This time Snapchat took it a step ahead with their gender filter. Surprisingly, this specific filter got insanely popular among people and millions of pictures were exchanged using the latest filter.

The gender filter basically focuses on reciprocate your facial features for the typical masculine/ feminine ones. The app got flooded with the curious users swapping their respective genders.

However, this new feature was not all about fun. With everyone switching genders for fun believed to hurt the sentiments of trans community all around the world. The gender filter being a part of Snapchat also proved to be a reason for its high exposure. As masses shared their pictures using gender filter, they forgot how it can possibly affect the community fighting the stereotypes on daily basis.

If we look at this new filter, some basic changes it makes with male lens are a square jawline, stubble and short hair. On the other hand the changes that come with the female lens are long hair, smoothened skin and a layer of makeup.

With the filter, Snapchat tried presenting how our society views men and women. While most of the users seemed to have fun. Use of  feminine lens by men has not attracted a positive response. It is believed that having long hair and makeup isn’t a ‘manly’ thing. On the other hand, women using the men lens haven’t received a criticism of an equal magnitude as women adopting masculinity in any form is considered nothing less than an empowerment for them.

Clearly, modern audience get bored quite easily and it pushes the platforms like Snapchat to come up with newness in their offerings. However, the use of gender filter and its impact will not be wiped off our memories any time soon.

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