Snap’s Fascinating New Spectacles 3!

The Spectacles range from Snap has always been quite fascinating. The latest addition to this list is the official announcement made by the company about Spectacles 3.

What’s New?

Well other than the obvious change in the external look; the new update gives out a third dimensional effect which can be further used aptly on your Snapchat.

Snap’s Fascinating New Spectacles 3!

On the 13th of August, 2019, Snap announced about the introduction of the 3D effects induced wearable sun-glass cameras.

It is basically a redesigned version of its augmented reality sunglasses with a sleek new design; and an added HD camera to create depth perception. The glasses, which the company has positioned as a limited release; represent Snap’s latest effort to build a new computing platform centered on the face.

The glasses’ marquee feature is a second camera, which enables Spectacles to capture depth for the first time. Snap has built a suite of new 3D effects that take advantage of the device’s new depth perception ability. They will be exclusive to Spectacles, and the company plans to let third-party developers design depth effects starting later this year.


Specifications –

Like previous editions, Spectacles allow you to easily capture photos and videos by tapping a button on top of the glasses. (Indicator lights around each camera will light up when they’re recording.) After syncing them to your Android or iOS device, you can then edit them, send them to your friends on Snapchat, or export them for sharing on other platforms, including YouTube.

Battery life is unimproved from the previous edition; though the second camera creates an additional drain that the new Spectacles must compensate for. Snap says you’ll be able to capture 70 videos and more than 200 photos on a charge, and the 4GB of storage on the device can hold up to 100 videos or 1,200 photos. As before, Spectacles can be recharged by storing them in the included charging case. A full charge will take 75 minutes, and the case can be recharged with a USB-C cable.

Photos are stored at a resolution of 1,642 by 1,642 pixels; videos are stored at 1,216 by 1,216. This time around, Snap is offering a new way to view snaps taken through Spectacles: an included 3D viewer resembling Google Cardboard. (The Spectacles 3D viewer is made of cardboard as well.) Open Snapchat on your phone, snap it into the viewer, and you’ll be able to view more immersive versions of your photos and videos.

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What is this 3D effect?

To achieve the 3D effects, this new hardware includes not one but two cameras, one at each outside top corner of the sun-glass lenses. Both of these capture in HD, and record at 60 fps. Audio is captured using a four-microphone array, which Snap says helps improve the audio considerably on captured content. There’s a capture button to trigger photo or video shooting on either side.

The glasses themselves are constructed from a single sheet of stainless steel; and they’re designed to be lightweight for all-day wearing. They come in carbon black, and a “mineral” color that looks like a dusty rose. Each comes with a charging case for storage and powering up (which charges via included USB-C); and which folds completely flat when the glasses aren’t inside, for easier carrying.

Availability and Price –

Spectacles 3 are coming this fall, and going through the order flow for pre-orders reveals a shipping date of November. The new sunglasses retail for $380; which is more than their predecessors ($150 and $200 respectively for the original and Nico/Veronica Spectacles 2 variants); and they are not water-resistant, unlike the gen 2 glasses. But that second camera definitely ups the game in terms of technical capabilities; so you can see where the additional cost comes from. Snap also says that these will indeed be a very limited edition production run, compared to previous generations.

The glasses will be available in two colors: “carbon” (black) and “mineral” (somewhere in between beige and gold). They have a lightweight steel frame, adjustable tips, and tinted lenses for protection from the sun.

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