Sneakers you must own in 2020

Winters without shoes? NEVER. When it comes to shoes, sneakers is a must-have. By the time you plan to buy some, you get the news of another launching. This keeps on happening, and you end up wearing your old shoes, the entire season. But this year, checkout the latest trends and get one for yourself. After all, shoes describe your personality.


A good news for shorties this year, you all gotta look tall. Platform Sneakers are in for 2020. Not just it gives you a chance to look taller, but also comfort while walking. Platform heels are many times better than sky heels, that may let you fall easily.
You can check out:
Alexander McQueen Platform Sneakers

2-Bright and Sunny hues

Sunset hues is what you gonna love this year. Who doesn’t want the most beautiful part of nature on their feet? 2020 is going to see these hues in abundance. Just get one for you. Can you find any better than:
Nike air max 270 react sneaker?

3-Chunky sneakers

Chunky sneakers will never die, it always come in some or the other upgraded form that makes it look even uglier but trendy.
2019 also saw some really chunky sneakers and this year it may come up in some more funny and cool looks.

4- High-tops

High-tops are as American as Charlie Brown or the Statue of Liberty with iconic shoes including Converse All-Stars, Nike Air Force 1s and Reebok Freestyles. Irrespective of whether you play sports or not, you may find it an ideal pair of sneakers that one craves for. It can be paired well with jeans or trousers on an autumn day.

5-Casual Classics/Icons

This is genuinely a must-have pair of sneakers, the most basic and classic. And it may be the pair that you yearned for, as a kid. And now you can afford this shoe and fulfill your dreams of having that classy pair of sneakers. This shoe will make you happiest and relish the joy in you.

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