From inspiring millions every single day to facing severe social media issues, here is a look at why being a celebrity on digital media is not a piece of cake. The celebrities shared their views.

“The day-to-day is pretty rapid, you know, we’re working almost like six, sometimes seven days a week, there’s always stuff to do. On Monday I’ll probably assign a lot of post-its to the entire team and then we’ll just divide the work based on you know whatever people are feeling. Initially where it just began as me doing videos alone, eventually, we got six video editors, two business development people, two content writers and myself, so 11 people. We’re generating huge amount of content. We’ve been working together for a while so it’s a very well oiled engine,” Ranveer Allahbadia, popularly known as Beer Biceps.

He further shares, “I am very aware that I am responsible for the livelihood of other people so it feels more like a responsibility. It’s a bigger responsibility for sure but it’s something I embrace because I’ve always looked at social media and YouTube as a start-up. So we’re just running it like a start-up. As of now we’re just educating ourselves in business, we’re educating ourselves in systems and operations and we’re just trying to figure how we can get more efficient, how we can generate even more videos, things like that.”
“As a leader, my biggest challenge is mentoring everyone individually. Everyone is different, they all need different kinds of mentoring and also ensuring that you know I get the best out of each person, everyone is feeling motivated to continue working. But it’s a great zone to be in, to be honest. We’ve been doing this for four years, we know how to play that ‘social media business game’ really well,” Ranveer Allahbadia added.

Constant evolution

How does one adapt to a world constantly which is being optimized for the young? In the last 10 years, we have seen the rise and fall of social media platforms like YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, Instagram and now TikTok. While some of these are still popular, others have gone.
Nikunj Lotia aka ‘Be YouNick‘ shared his thought here, citing, “The first and foremost must do in terms of strategy is to understand what platform are you jumping in to. It’s important to understand the nuances of those platforms to make content that suits the audience there. As a creator – it’s also important to ensure that making this content for a new platform comes to you authentically.”

“It doesn’t make sense to make content for a specific platform that you won’t enjoy making it. For example, memes are huge on TikTok, but as an original comedy creator, I create micro-episodes for Instagram or TikTok which is easy to make, in my genre and my audience engages with it. It also brings in a chunk of a new audience who discovered us on say an Instagram or a TikTok and end up watching us on our main platform,” Lotia further added.

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