Socialize With CEOs And CFOs Easily!

Every company expects their main leading teams to somehow socialize with various other CEOs and CFOs. Specifically, they both come under the C-level executives list.
But many get nervous to talk in-person or some on’t even know how to go start the conversation with certain words. Hence, in this article we mention about the reasons on why you should connect with these C-level officers and how.

Why Socialize with C-Level Executives?

Many companies realize the importance  and reason behind why one must socialize with the big executives. Yes, mid-ranked officers are important for their own reasons of benefit; but these executives have the mere power of execution!

So we can put the reason for their importance in simple words –

C-level executives are responsible for strategic planning, employee empowerment as well as the ongoing motivation of the employees. They have the ultimate power with any decision-making process.
Also directly dealing with C-level executives is a great idea to save your time and efforts.

Among the lot, there are traditionally four main C-level executives that every company must concentrate upon; they are –
Chief executive officer (CEO), Chief operations officer (COO), Chief technology officer (CTO) and Chief financial officer (CFO).

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So, How to Socialize with them?

Now that we know why we need to socialize with the CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CTOs; one would ask how could they possibly have a meeting with such powerful people.

Yes, obviously it isn’t easy; but don’t worry, we provide two simple hacks on how to go about with that meeting.

Hack #1 – Networking Events (Offline Networking)

If you think that traditional networking is dead, then think again!

In fact, according to one survey, around 9 in 10 people say small meetings are their favorite communication method.
One reason being, you can actually get a lot more work down by visiting some of the most prominent networking events as compared to sending out cold emails from behind your computer screen.

Also, in this current world where social media and online networking is so ubiquitous, one-to-one networking is even becoming more relevant. This is basically due to it being a lot less congested; also it is only leveraged by people who are serious about the deal you are presenting.

Hack #2 – LinkedIn (Online Networking)

Networking via LinkedIn is a boon to this modern world where one has less time to personally meet. And LinkedIn is one of the best ways to socialize among various companies, people from different parts of the world.

People tend to spend a lot of their times on their mobiles or laptops; and few of us are owls who have spare time in odd hours. Hence, when you click on LinkedIn everything is simple and wide-spread; to such an extent that even all the major companies’ C-Level executives would in fact notice you.

All you need to concentrate on is on how to be spotted with your InMail. Also, you must have a very appealing page of your company and yourself to be noted and appreciated by the executives.

Hence, follow these simple tips –

  • Consistently post advisories that can help out your target audience.
  • Join groups in your vertical.
  • Share your informative blog posts on Linkedin and LinkedIn Groups.
  • Lastly, frame your InMail invitation effectively.


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