Some Makeup Tricks That Always Work

Everyone loves make-up. Here are a couple of tips for you all.

1. Start fresh

Successful makeup needs to be applied just after washing and moisturizing your face. The combo of warm water, facial massage and a cream, oil or serum needed. This means no gaps in between cleansing, moisturizing and applying makeup. You have to keep in mind that you can’t wash your face, eat, check your messages, shop online or talk on the phone altogether.

2. Do eye makeup before face makeup

Always do the eye makeup first and no worries about powder shadow fallout on your cheeks. Prepping lids with a primer or cream shadow first will keep your eye makeup fresh and smoother.

3. Use neutral shadows to accent eyes

Natural hues — warm tones for dark eyes, cool tones for light eyes — this trick never fail to impress anyone. But know that a pale, shimmery shadow on lids can add a sparkle to your tired eyes as well.

4. Do your brows

Make the effort to fill, extend and groom your brows because they are key to facial expression. You just keep it natural and use a brow pencil in short, feathery strokes after the direction of your hair growth. Even you can use a spiral brush or a clean old mascara also.

5. Blend bright cream blush high on cheekbones

It adds life and energy to your face if you blend right into your skin for a natural-looking flush, and pulls attention to the eyes which will give you a fabulous look. Choose a vibrant and clear shade of pink, rose, apricot or red, depending on your skin tone that gives you a cool look.

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