Some Most Dangerous Places For Women Travelers

Women are travelling alone more than ever. According to the Travel Industry Association, approximately 32 million American women travel solo every year. But the sobering reality is that this can be a risky thing.

In an attempt to help the solo female travellers, journalists Asher and Lyric Fergusson—whose blog is focused on travel safety—have made a new Women’s Danger Index, which ranks the world’s most dangerous countries for women who are travelling alone.

Some Most Dangerous Places for Women Travelers

1. South Africa:

“With this nation scoring poorly on street safety and many other factors, women in South Africa have been historically treated cruelly, but thankfully situations have been slowly improving,” says Fergusson. “Often, traveling women to South Africa are warned not to hike, drive, walk or move about alone and to generally behave conservatively.”

2. Brazil:

“Trailing next (quite a way behind South Africa) was Brazil, which scored badly with both street safety and intentional homicide against women,” says Fergusson. “This sun drenched country also performed poorly in the Global Gender Gap category. The United States government warns tourists not to walk alone at night or to physically resist any robbery attempts.”

3. Russia:

“Scoring below par on both the intentional homicide against women and non-partner sexual violence, Russia comes in at number three on our list,” says Fergusson. “This beautiful vodka-loving country also performed poorly in a host of categories including being the ninth worst with legal discrimination against women. Thankfully the #metoo movement has been making headlines in Russia showing signs that things are slowly improving for the better.”

4. Mexico:

“Since Mexico is by far the most visited country out of the top five worst, it really caught our eye,” says Fergusson. “The three areas that Mexico ranked abysmally for were street safety, intentional homicide and non-partner sexual violence. In fact, Mexico ranked in the top four worst in all three of these categories. Many news reports have sited that unfortunately Mexico is becoming more and more unsafe and it’s best to only stay within your resort to minimize negative incidents.”

5. Iran:

“Of the top 50 most-visited countries, Iran scores the worst in the Global Gender Gap study,” says Fergusson. “It also scored quite terribly with inequality and discrimination categories placing this country fifth worst in our index. One area that Iran did perform well in was the fact that they had very low levels of intentional homicide against women.”

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