Some of The Best Countries in the World


Indonesia is one of the fast becoming the new travel destination for everyone, People loves its modern resorts, secluded beaches, and the temples. However, Bali continues to impress everyone, with coexisting peacefully with popular beach clubs as well.


Thailand is one of the go-to places for people where you get the combination of bustling metros, unforgettable street food culture, and blissed-out historical sites which attracts travellers. Thailand is Energetic. However, this is perfect for a trip for everyone.


With increased flights to capital city Lisbon, Portugal is the place where everyone loves to go to see the historical tile-work, known as azulejos, in picturesque Lisbon. You can see the country’s signature music style. In Porto, you can eat your weight in pastel de nata, the famous egg tart. While you’re at it, go for the coasts, or indulge in a wine country trip to the soulful, stunning Alentejo region which is a short drive from Lisbon. There you can see chic boutique hotels housed in restored 19th-century buildings and impeccable regional cuisine, you may never want to leave the place as well.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a superb scenic beauty. When terrorists attacked Sri Lanka in early 2019, the island nation’s reputation suffered a blow, especially affecting the tourism trade. In the months since, the country has made a lot of efforts to once again attract travellers—like offering tourists free travel visas etc. With countless sacred sites, flawless crystal blue waters, and picturesque jade green tea estates, Sri Lanka provides myriad charms to the travellers. Moreover, the island nation is full of post- and pre-colonial history in the capital city Colombo, and eight UNESCO World Heritage sites as well.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the continent’s most dynamic countries where you can have a land of wild safaris, impeccable wines, and awe-inducing beaches. Cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg attract people to this tough-to-reach corner of the world. South Africa is rising rapidly in the wine world. Head west from Cape Town and you can check out stunning national parks and stylish, secluded hotels also, whereas, in Jo’burg, you’ll discover a city whose food scene is heating up and you’ll love it.

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