Sony Launches S.Ride in Tokyo

Sony had announced in 2018 that it would enter Japan’s taxi-hailing space. The services is known as S.Ride and the service has been officially launched in Tokyo.
Sony offers a diverse range of products and services, from Bravia TVs to PlayStation gaming consoles to Xperia phones. Now it can add yet another item to that list: a taxi-hailing app.

This report was first noted by CNET on the 15th of April, 2019. Read on to know more about this news.

What is S.Ride?

The app was officially launched by a company called Minna no Taxi, which translates to “Everybody’s Taxi”. Minna no Taxi is a joint venture between Sony Corporation, Sony Payment Services and several Japanese taxi companies.

Unlike Uber and Lyft, this is a taxi-hailer, not an app to catch rides with civilians. Ride-hailing services, unlike taxi-hailing services, are banned in Japan. Uber has plans to move into the country by partnering with a taxi company, reports Bloomberg.

That alliance was actually announced last February, according to Bloomberg, when Sony also said it would use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to predict demand throughout the day and dispatch supply accordingly. Sony last April got a new CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, who quickly moved the company away from selling hardware and toward selling content and services, so S.Ride is roughly in this wheelhouse.

Sony has no current plans to launch the app outside of Japan, a Sony spokesperson said.


S in S.Ride stands for –

The company launched the Uber-like S.Ride app in Tokyo on Tuesday. The taxi allocation app name “S.RIDE” symbolizes a new taxi experience that provides a Simple, Smart, Speedy ride experience. With one slide, you can call the nearest taxi from the largest taxi network in Tokyo, and it is a taxi dispatch service that you can get off immediately by pre-riding, net payment in the car, or QR code payment.

Simple –

After launching the app, the closest taxi from Tokyo’s largest taxi network will pick you up with One Slide immediately. The taxi pick-up position is automatically adjusted to the closest road from the current location, so it does not have to be set up on your own.

 If you set the destination while waiting is automatically set to the tablet of the taxi installation, there is no need to verbally tell the taxi driver the destination. Once you have decided on your departure vehicle, you can exchange a simple message with the driver so you can rest assured that you have a sudden problem.

Smart –

If you register a credit card in advance with the “S.RIDE” application, you can make an online payment. In addition, we cope with original QR code payment “S.RIDE Wallet” which reads QR code displayed on backseat tablet with “S.RIDE” application, and, after arriving at destination, we can get off quickly by cashless is.

Speedy –

From the largest taxi network in Tokyo, the nearest taxi will pick you up. You can move smoothly to your destination without losing time.

In conjunction with the launch of the vehicle allocation service, in conjunction with the Sony Payment Service, we also launched an online settlement service using credit cards, etc. and a payment agency service for face-to-face settlement.

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