Special protective mask that kills virus!

Times have made us realise the value of personal hygiene and protective equipments. Corona is everywhere, and so is the controversy ‘Do masks offer protection against it’?

Earlier, WHO had stated that masks should be worn only by those suffering from any symptoms or the medical staff treating the patients. But now, a guideline stating that everyone must wear mask, has come up.
So now the question is,

Does mask really protect you from the virus?
Well, there are different kinds of masks. Some are surgical, some are normal cotton masks, while the highly rated one is N95. N95 offers much higher protection against the entry of particles. However, the 95 of N95 means that it only offers 95% protection. We are still at 5% risk.
The size of virus particles is so small that it may not be prevented from entry.

So, can any mask be helpful?
There’s a company in Switzerland that came up with a technology called Livinguard. When germs touch the surface that has Livinguard on it, they die. It not only stops the virus once, but rather keeps killing them for days, hours and months. That’s why all Fine Guard masks are treated with Livinguard, to offer our communities robust protection

And the best part is that, not just these offer much more protection, but also are economical and enviornment-friendly. The surgical masks are required to be thrown everyday, and can’t be quickly degraded into the soil.

Unlike those, it doesn’t require to be replaced everyday and efficiently works for approx 240 days, killing the virus entering body through mouth or nose. Thus, also fitting your pockets.

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