Steps to Apply Lipstick For That Perfect Instagram Post

Applying a lipstick seems to be simple. But only girls know the real struggle. By simply Swatching it on your lips, you can achieve those ‘perfect picture lips’. At least you will struggle with break lines, dryness and uneven tone.
Here’s how you can overcome all of it and feel the difference when you apply lipstick, the next time.
Follow these 5 steps:


Just like your skin, your lips also need exfoliation to get rid off pollution, dead skin and cells. You should start exfoliating your lips before applying anything else over it. The process is quite simple. All you need to do is, take some sugar and honey , mix it well and rub it on your lips using your fingers or cotton. You can also use a ready made scrub to exfoliate. It will help you get a new and fresh lip skin.


Dryness just doesn’t hit your face and head, but your lips too. Thus, moisturizing lips become as important as drinking water for your body. Apply a simple moisturizer and gently spread it in circular motion using your fingers. If you skip this step, your lipstick won’t last long. Also, the break lines that you see on lips also appear due to dryness.


Applying a concealer gives you twin benefits. Yes, concealer, the one that you apply on your face during make-up. The first benefit it does is to act as a base color to even out your lip tone when you apply lipstick. The other magical thing it does is to plump your lips ans give it a bouncy bigger appearance. So if you are upset about having small lips, this is going to bring back your broad smile. Just ensure that you pick a concealer of a similar tone to your skin.


Once the concealer is dry, all you need to do is pickup your favourite lipliner, similar to the color of lipstick you are going to apply. It’s color may be one tone lighter or darker to that of lipstick. Start outlining your lips and slowly get it to the center. It will help define the shape of your lips and act as a base for a cleaner application of your lipstick.


Now comes the final step of applying the lipstick. Using a lip brush to apply it will help in a better application. If all the above steps are done in the described way, your lipstick would last longer than usual and definitely prettier enough for you to click that ‘perfect Instagram post’.

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