Success Versus Happiness – What is More Important?

Read out what’s more important.

Soon after we are born, we set goals for life. And achieving those goals become a criteria for success. For a student, success may mean to score well or pass with good grades. While, for an adult, it may be to get a good job that can make the person happy in future.

So ultimately, we work on being successful , in order to be happy. But on contrary, in the race towards becoming successful, we forget being happy. We sacrifice our happiness to achieve success. Even though success doesn’t guarantee happiness afterwards. There are so many people who give up everything and focus on becoming successful.

But even when they become successful, they don’t find any ways to be happy. And they never achieve the level of satisfaction they once thought of. They keep on setting new goals for life, but unfortunately, never feel happy with their achievements.

While some do not understand what happiness actually means.
Well, happiness doesn’t have a fixed definition. It is simply a state of being happy or contented. And, happiness may differ for everyone. To one, it may be hanging out with friends. To someone else, it may simply be maintaining physique or going to gym. And at times, our happiness is closely related to our success.

But no matter what, we should not forget that we get only one life to live, enjoy, and become successful. You never know what may happen the next moment. So whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it.

No matter how important it is to become successful in life. Remember that success doesn’t guarantee happiness. Giving up happiness for success is just not worth it. You must aim at working towards your goal while, not forgetting what gives you happiness. When happiness and success will go hand in hand, you’ll definitely feel more contented and work better with more dedication towards your goal.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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