Super-easy, yet elegant hairstyles for your next ZOOM session!

It’s been months since we left homes for our office. However, work from home is the new normal during these days. Video conferencing has become a part of our daily work schedule, but we have almost forgot to dress up while we are at home. No matter if it’s just your upper part of body that remains in front of camera, a good hairstyle is must.

Below are some really simple and elegant hairstyles you can make while you are working from home:

1. High pony tail

Forget that usual pony tail and try out this one! If you fail to make a high pony tail try this out: divide your hair from back of the middle and tie the upper portion by taking it as high as you can. And then simply make a pony tail from lower section, making it come under the upper one. And you are done!

2. Messy Bun

Messy bun isn’t a bun naturally formed, but it looks like one. (Haha!) To make it, pull out tweaks from your front hair and make a high pony tail with remaining hair. Now roll your hair until it shapes like a bun. And secure with bobby pins. Now simply take out tweaks to make it look messy.

3- Side pins

Another simple hairstyle you can achieved hell simply. Part down your hair from left side and brush well. Now pickup your favourite tic tac pins and pin up the hair above your ears on both the sides or you can simply choose to place both on one of the sides.

You are all set for your next ZOOM video session!

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