Super Moon 2020 – A Glimmer Of Happiness During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The world was witness to an event of beauty being orchestrated by the forces of our universe. We are talking about the instance of the Super moon that was all over the internet and social media on Tuesday.

Amidst the lockdown imposed by the Coronavirus, the people also had more time to pay attention to this beautiful aspect of nature which mesmerized populations around the world.

However, what it actually means and why does it occur? Let’s find out.

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Super Moon 2020 - A Glimmer Of Happiness During The Coronavirus Pandemic




The Super moon occurs when the distance between the moon and the earth is least. This means that the moon is closest to the earth during this period and that’s the reason why the moon appears as a giant celestial body to the naked eye.

This moon illuminates 30% brighter and appears 14% bigger than the normal moon. It is also known as the “Pink Moon” after the pink flowers that appear in the filed during this month at some places. The largest, brightest super moon appeared across the world in hushed cities inside during the imposed lockdown.

Some of the most iconic pictures came from around the world. In Ukraine, the pink super moon sets behind the giant “Mother of the Motherland” monument in the central Kiev city of Ukraine.

Super Moon 2020 - A Glimmer Of Happiness During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Other iconic images included the Super moon rising behind the Empire State building in New Jersey. It created for great optics with the building illuminating red in solidarity with the victims of the Coronavirus.

A similarly beautiful image came from France in the background of the Notre Dame Cathedral. The cathedral was damaged last year around in a fire that made the entire world cry.

These images certainly made the Super moon memorable for years to come in the transcedent public memory.

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