Superheroes: Super powers with iconic looks.

Superheroes aren’t just known for their powers and plot lines, but also for their iconic looks.

Fashion stylist and publicist ‘Symeon Oshea’ praised the skin-tight outfits’ practicality.

Oshea said that Catwoman’s outfit was one of the few superhero costumes to combine the sexiness of female form with the effectiveness of tactical gear.

However the idea of fierce feline’s getup wasn’t liked by all experts. Stylist and fashion blogger Lindsey Puls, called the tight-suit
‘visually unappealing’ and ‘uncomfortable-looking’.

Puls said that she had never been a fan of the Catwoman costumes, but this is by far the worst one and that it looked like they vacuum-sealed poor Catwoman into a black trash bag. The face mask eye holes were also far too large, making it look odd.

There have been many other people criticizing the body-con fittings. Anyway, these costumers stand out when it comes to vibrant colors and texture.

Superman’s classic outfit

The style pros praised Superman’s classic outfit , which earned top marks for it’s classic design and vibrant colors. The one worn by Chandwick Boseman in “Black Panther” was also appreciated.

Margot’s costume

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn outfit (as seen in films like “Suicide Squad” ) was ripped apart for it’s sloppiness., failing to impress fashion experts.

Wonder Woman’s costume

Wonder Woman’s outfit was praised for its gorgeous balance of form and function.

Batman’s outfit did earn points for style, but experts felt that it had some flaws with it’s design.

According to experts, the Black Lightning’s suit was trendy but kind of forgettable. It’s neon color and the blues may be attractive and practical but it might not have what it takes to reach iconic status.

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