Sustainable Lifestyle – Good For The Planet And For The Bank Account

A major reason behind the environmental crisis we are doing with today is the “modern” way of life. Mass-produced food items, fast fashion, fast food chains, disposable products, and so on. These practices are neither eco-friendly nor pocket-friendly. They cause a lot of damage to the environment in the long run and are most often expensive. Thus, many people are shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable lifestyles focus on reusing and recycling everyday products. They also include either buying ethically produced products or making them yourself.

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Living sustainably has helped Amber Allen change the world, and her life, for the better.

Sustainable Lifestyle - Good For The Planet And For The Bank Account
Amber with her children Galaxie, Indie, and Selkie


Amber Allen lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband Joseph, and 3 children. Allen is a YouTuber, and her husband is a software developer.

Allen and her family used sustainable living to pay off nearly in $50,000 in debt. This lifestyle has also helped their family be less worried about the lockdown imposed because of coronavirus.

“We went into lockdown on March 11 and didn’t freak out at all, because we knew we’d be able to cope,” said Allen.

The family started out by selling most of their belongings and buying second-hand replacements of whatever they needed.

Allen then shifted to incorporating sustainable living in her everyday life.

People across America are fighting for a basic resource – toilet paper. However, that is not a concern for Amber.

“We all use reusable cloths instead of toilet paper. I make them by cutting up old t-shirts or blankets. We use the cloth, wash it and hang it up to dry. Then we can use it again and again.”

She added –

“In our house we only have ethically-sourced toilet paper for guests.”

Sustainable Lifestyle - Good For The Planet And For The Bank Account
Allen’s husband Joseph

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She believes that people need to start embracing this sustainable lifestyle, not just for themselves, but for the planet. Incidentally, lockdowns imposed because of the pandemics seem like a good time to do so. This is because people are being advised to not step outside their houses. The fear of indefinite locksdown sent people across the country into a panic-buying frenzy, which means many of us have to live without basic resources. This is where reusing and repurposing belongings can come into use.

“We try and live as close to zero waste as possible, so things like stocking up on toilet paper wasn’t an issue for us.”

“People should learn to enjoy the simplicity of the situation – rather than fighting it.”

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