Symptoms of a Mentally Abused Person

It is hard to find if a person has been mentally abused or not. You cannot tell the mental state or the struggles of a person just by looking at their face. However, there are certain behavioral traits and body language that tell you whether a person has been mentally abused ever in his life or is still living in trauma.

Constantly Apologize

A person who has been mentally abused lives in a state of terror and fear. They often get scared by the smallest of things. Such people thus constantly apologize for even the smallest of mistakes. You will find them saying sorry many times even when the mistake is not entirely theirs.


A person fighting from the trauma of mental abuse is very fragile emotionally and mentally. He or she tends to break down during every disagreement or argument. They can’t keep a check on their emotions and thus face mental and emotional breakdowns every now and then.

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Trust Issues

People with past traumas find it difficult to trust people. They live in a fear of abandonment and loneliness. Thus, such people keep constant assurance from their friends, family, or partner. Also, people facing mental abuse can struggle to trust people and wait for them to betray.

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