Techniques To Curb Negative Thinking

No matter how big or small your goals are, it is important that you keep on a positive mindset while working towards them. Negative thinking will certainly not let you move forward, but it can set you back, if you let it.

While it may sound like an easy thing to say, actually stopping yourself from thinking negatively can be a fairly difficult thing to do. However, you don’t need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 3 techniques to curb your negative thinking.



This technique is exactly what you think it is. Whenever you realize that you’re thinking a negative thought, cut it off, and start thinking about something else. Imagine yourself holding a pair of scissors and cut that thought off at the root.

negative thinking

For example, if you realize that you’re thinking that your professor thinks you’re good for nothing, immediately cut it off, and start thinking about the new show you’re watching.

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As the name suggests, you give your negative thoughts a label. Call them exactly what they are – negative thoughts. They are just negative thoughts and nothing more. Remember, they can only affect you to the extent that you let them. Whenever you think negatively, tell yourself “this is a negative thought,” and move on. Do not overthink about the thought, just let it be a single thought.

For example, if you find yourself thinking that your friends hate you, tell yourself that it’s just a negative thought, and instead of overthinking their actions and behavior to prove that they don’t like you, start thinking about something else.


This is the most interesting and creative technique on this list. As you might’ve guessed by now, it involved blowing your negative thoughts out of proportion. However, a key step here is making sure you exaggerate it to a ridiculous extent, imaging things that aren’t possible. Once you get to that stage, your mind dismisses the entire train of thought as ridiculous, and does not overthink it further.

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negative thinking

This technique is best explained by an example.

As Learnmindpower wrote, “Let’s say that you’re a salesperson and you’re out making your sales calls and suddenly the thought comes to you, “Ah, what’s the use, I’m not going to make another sale today.” And then you catch yourself and you say, “Wait a second that’s a negative thought.” With the exaggeration technique, what you might then say is, “That’s right, I’m not going to make another sale today. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if, when I visit this next company, as soon as I open the door people are going to be throwing pails of water on me, and then they’re going to release pit bull terriers and German shepherds and I’m going to be bitten and I’m going to be wet, and then this great big mechanical boxing glove will come out and it’s going to smash me in the face. And then everybody is going to leap up on their desk and reveal this great big banner that says, ‘You fool, why did you come here? You’re never going to make another sale!’ ” And you just keep carrying on like this, exaggerating it until your mind goes, “Okay, enough, this is ridiculous.” You then find yourself laughing at the thought, and once you’re laughing at the thought you have robbed it of all its power.”

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