Technology and Phone Etiquette You Should Know

We are living in a digital world where catching up with each other over texts, phones, emails or social media looks more convenient and easy. Almost all the conversation nowadays be it personal, professional, formal or informal happens via the internet. However, there are certain rules that one should abide by while using our mobile phone. 

Don’t send electronic thank-yous

Often while conversing with someone over an email, we tend to send thanks just to give a response. However, this isn’t right as by saying ‘Thanks’ you are only clogging the inbox of the second party. Remember that if someone wants your response on something, they’ll let you know. 


Use direct message for conversations

There are times we strike a chord with someone on Twitter and start conversing with them by using  “@”. But this is not how it should be done. Long conversations on Twitter will just fill the feed on your followers and will prompt them to unfollow your account. Thus, it would be better if you use Twitter’s Direct message or any other personal mode of communication to have deep and long chats with a person. 

Hang up the phone

It is really annoying and disrespectful to use cell phones in a waiting room, checkout line, restaurant, train, or bathroom stall. Also, while you are doing group work with someone, make sure to hang up your phone and concentrate on the task in hand. You should always pay your full attention to your surroundings. 

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Ask if they are available

When you wish to have some serious or important conversation with a person via text, make sure that they are available and not busy in some other tasks. Before starting an important talk, always ask if the other person is free or if now is the good time to chat. Catching someone at a bad time can lead to an unproductive and boring conversation. 

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